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IRC confirm changes in amateur Thai boxing rules

Erstellt von wkf head office am Dienstag 25. Mai 2021

WKF officials in Romania by the last European Championships 2019

At the World Congress in Andria in 2016, a change of rule was made at the request of several state presidents.

The IRC has adopted the rule change and now it is official after the European Championship in Greece.

The rule changes are:

In the WKF Amateur Thai Boxing is fought with elbows and knees also to the head (!).

Therefore elbow protectors are also obligatory from now on. This means that also “spinning elbows” to head with eye contact are correct. Like jumped knees also to the head!

The fighting time remains unchanged 3 × 2 minutes.

The application for changes to the MMA weight classes has not been granted, it remains as before.

The discipline CADETS in has been cancelled.

You can download the current competition rules as always free of charge from HERE !

Next WKF World Championships are in Cairo’s capital City Cairo, date 18th to 24th October 2021 !

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